Reagan Advertising has a full service art department. Reagan will produce art for a contracted client free of charge.* If the advertiser chooses to provide artwork, it is helpful if the artwork is camera ready and scaled to the appropriate specifications.


We prefer files created in the following programs: Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, InDesign CS, Freehand MX, and Quark 6.0. Previous versions of these programs are also acceptable. Call if you have a different program, and we’ll try to figure out a way to work with you.

Final Copy Area

8 Sheet 5 ft. tall x 11 ft. wide
30 Sheet 10.417 ft. tall x 22.667 ft. wide
Bulletin 14 ft. tall x 48 ft. wide

File Scale

Please set up your bulletin files at a scale of 1/2″ = 1′ at a minimum of 200 dpi OR 1/4″ = 1′ at a minimum of 400 dpi. For example, 7″ = 24″ at a minimum of 200 dpi OR 3.5″ = 12″ at a minimum of 400 dpi.

For posters the best layout sizes are:

30 Sheets 19.35″ x 8.55″ at a minimum of 200 dpi
8 Sheets 11″ x 5″ at a minimum of 200 dpi

We will accept any scale that is proportional to the final billboard size.

Raster File Size

Image files created in raster programs such as Photoshop should be scaled at 1/2 inch = 1 foot at a minimum of 200 dpi. This gives plenty of digital information to scale up for outdoor purposes. Example: If your image will be 10 feet high on your final printed piece, it should be 5 inches high in Photoshop at 200 dpi before placing it in your page layout program.


All raster images should be converted to CMYK, and vector elements (Illustrator, Freehand) should be filled and stroked with CMYK colors. Go ahead and convert PMS colors to CMYK so you won’t have any surprises.


Please supply us with at least a black and white copy of your layout.


Where possible, please convert type to outlines, paths, or curves depending on the program you are using. Always “select all” and convert to avoid missing something.

Support Files

Include all your support files, including screen and printer fonts. Missing support files are the #1 cause for delays. Don’t assume your files are embedded. Send them anyway.

File Size

Almost any size outdoor boards files should fit on a zip disk. If you find yourself sending 200-400 mb files, please STOP and re-read the File Scale section. Working with larger than necessary files sizes increases the times it takes you to manipulate it and the time it takes us to process it.


We accept CDs and Zip Disks. We do not accept floppy disks. Files under 10 mb may be emailed. Please call your Account Executive to let them know what you are sending.


If you order paper, please make sure it is at least 70 lb. wet strength.

* All original ideas and artwork created by the Reagan Art Department are the property of Reagan Advertising and may be used for the sole purpose of advertising on billboard structures owned by Reagan Advertising. The client does not own rights to this artwork and may not use it in any other manner in whole or in part, without written permission and payment.

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