8 Sheet Posters

Features and Benefits

Eight sheet posters are found along surface streets throughout the market. Eight sheet posters are a cost-effective way to market your business or service. An eight sheet poster program will blanket the market with your message.

Buying 8 Sheet Posters


Eight sheet poster showings are sold in 28 day periods. Showing sizes are #25, #50, #75, and #100 GRP (Gross Rating Points, which is the percent of the population exposed to your message every day). A #50 showing in Salt Lake City, for example, would be 60 8 sheet posters and reach the equivalent of 50% of the population every day.


Some important terms to know when buying 8 sheet posters are:

  • Distribution: Eight sheet poster locations are distributed throughout the market to provide both total required Daily Effective Circulation (DEC) and complete geographic coverage of the market.
  • Daily Effective Circulation (DEC): The number of people who will see your board per day as verified by the Traffic Audit Bureau. Varies depending on location.


  • Utah: Reagan has excellent 8 sheet poster coverage throughout the Salt Lake metropolitan area.
  • Central Texas: Reagan has 8 sheet poster coverage on surface streets in Austin.

Contact Us:

Utah: (801) 521-1775
Texas: (512) 926-7740
Nevada: (702) 326-8682

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