30 Sheets

Features and Benefits

Thirty sheet posters are located on freeways, major arteries, and secondary streets, providing wide-area coverage. With a 30 sheet poster showing, you will blanket the market with your advertisement.

Thirty sheet posters are an excellent way to create top of the mind awareness by quickly providing high reach and frequency. Thirty sheet posters offer complete geographic coverage. A variety of showing sizes provide flexibility both in campaign strategy and creative approach.

Buying 30 Sheets

Thirty sheet poster showings are sold in 28 day periods. Showing sizes are #25, #50, #75, and #100 GRP (Gross Rating Points, which is the percent of the population exposed to your message every day). A #25 showing, for example, will reach daily 25% of the market population.


A #25 showing in the Salt Lake Metro is 14 Thirty Sheet Poster locations. These poster displays are distributed throughout the Salt Lake Metro area. Each day the total DEC (daily effective circulation, which is the number of cars that pass all locations each day) will deliver daily gross impressions equal to 25% of Salt Lake’s population.


Some important terms to know when buying 30 Sheets are:

  • Distribution: Thirty Sheet locations are distributed throughout the market on primary and secondary arteries to provide both total required DEC (daily effective circulation) and complete geographic coverage of the market.
  • Daily Effective Circulation (DEC): The number of people who will see your board per day as verified by the Traffic Audit Bureau. Varies depending on location and illumination.


  • Utah: Reagan has excellent 30 sheet poster coverage throughout the Salt Lake metropolitan area as well as for the following cities: Beaver, Cedar City, Delta, Duchesne, Heber City, Kamas, Logan, Panguitch, Parowan, Price/Helper, Richfield, Roosevelt, Salina, St. George, Tremonton, and Vernal.
  • Central Texas: Reagan has exceptional 30 sheet poster coverage throughout the Austin metropolitan area, as well as coverage for Bastrop, Elgin, Lockhart, Luling, and San Marcos.

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Texas: (512) 926-7740
Nevada: (702) 326-8682

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